On Being Reasonable

On Being Reasonable Are You Reasonable? The following I have found to be true about human nature. Observation 1: Reasonable people continue to do what works for them. Observation 2: Reasonable people stop doing what fails to work for them. How do people know when something works, or fails? By applying one or more of …

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On Spirituality

On Spirituality No matter where our choices have led us, we are not alone. It should be clear that there are people out there— in fact, total strangers, who want to love you and support you. There is hope in this truth. Our Father, our Creator, loves us so much he sent his only son …

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On Making Choices

  On Making Choices If I were standing before you, you would not see an NBA center. I am too short to be an NBA center. But my height was not my choice, and is just one example of something in life that is beyond our ability to choose. But what about all the things …

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